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Summer Family Dinner

Fellowship Groups

At Lakeside, Fellowship groups are a place for our church members to live out the "one another" commands of scripture in the context of biblical community and fellowship. 

Our Fellowship Groups seek to have 4 Core elements at every meeting:

  1. Engaging with God through his word. 

  2. Praying for one another. 

  3. Confession of Sins.

  4. Enjoying one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

For more info email Matt McCarntey at

Fellowship Group Map.png

Our Current Groups

  1. Lakeside Fellowship Group

    • This group meets at Lakeside instead of in a home. ​It's full of wonferful people and is a great place to start if you have never been in a group before. They have a high emphasis on studying the word and enjoy one another well!

  2. Restaurant Row 

    • Our group at Restaurant Row meets every Wednesday night at 6:30pm. They are our closest group to those living on the Myrtle Beach side and have a wonderful time of fellowship together each week with the occasional big group cookout!

  3. Park Pointe
    • Our Park Pointe group meets every Tuesday night at 6pm right next to the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex. This group enjoys their time praying for one another and the occasional cookout or game night!​
  4. Pelican Bay
    • This group meets every other Wednesday night at 6:30pm. The group loves the word and always has a fun time with the amount of kids who are there!​
  5. Cherry Grove
    • The Cherry Grove group meets every other Thursday at 6:30pm right by The Shack restaurant. This group loves each other well and is full of deep friendships!​
  6. North Myrtle Beach
    • This group meets every other Monday night at 6:30pm. The group loves to fellowship with one another by breaking bread as they try to have dinner together each time they meet. ​
  7. Heather Glen
    • This group meets every other Tuesday at 7pm. They love each other and love the word of God. They have a special emphasis on reaching their neighbors and occasionally seek to find ways to involve them in their fellowship and reach out to their community together. 

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