Lakeside's story begins on August 26th, 1948, when a group of roughly 3 dozen people met in a hotel lobby on Ocean Drive. Land was donated just off of 11th Avenue and a small, brick sanctuary was completed the next year. These early years were marked by slow growth and transition in leadership (a new pastor every few years).


However, in 1968 Dr. Jim Mezick began what would become a fruitful 32 year ministry at Lakeside. Under Dr. Mezick's leadership, Lakeside's various ministries would thrive and the the church grew. Many were converted and ministry leaders were raised up and sent out during this time. Unfortunately, the final years of Dr. Mezick's tenure were marked by difficulty which eventually led to his retirement in 2000.


The next few years were marked by instability and turmoil until 2003 when Lakeside called Rev. Anthony Poston as their pastor. Under Rev. Poston, Lakeside slowly healed from it's tumultuous years, but it also entered a period of steady decline as the next 12 years saw Lakeside's membership and average attendance steadily drop as the average age of the congregation steadily rose.

In late 2015 the Lord led Lakeside to call Michael Craig to serve as their new pastor. Pastor Mike arrived at Lakeside in January 2016 and began the process of seeking to bring spiritual vitality and health back to a once vibrant church through faithful expositional preaching, prayer, and a biblical vision for a healthy church.


By God's grace, Lakeside has seen steady growth numerically, but more importantly, spiritually. In January 2018, Lakeside added Jonathan Chancey as Assoc. Pastor of Worship and Discipleship to the Pastoral Staff. Dr. Steve Rumley, who had retired after 36 years of pastoral ministry, was added to the Pastoral team in July 2018. 

We are excited about what God has done at Lakeside and we invite you to join us in what God will do in the days to come!