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Preparing to Gather for Worship

See below some helpful ways you can prepare for worship this Sunday with our church!

This week's Songs & Sermon Text

"All Creatures of Our God & King"

"King of Kings"

Prayer of Supplication

"Lord From Sorrows Deep I Call"

Sermon Text: John 18:28-19:16

"Man of Sorrows"

"How Deep The Father's Love For Us"

Lord's Supper

Benediction (Romans 8:38-39)

Prepare to Sing

Click the button to listen to a Spotify list of the songs we sing!

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Some questions to prepare...

  • Where may I need to confess sin as I prepare to come and partake in the Lord's Supper and remember the forgiveness of my sin?

  • How have I been doing at welcoming others? Do I intentionally look for new visitors to say hi and make feel welcome?

  • As you read John 18:28-19:16, What emotions do you feel as you watch Jesus endure this suffering? How can this help you come into Sunday prepared to worship your savior?

Prepare to receive the word

Catch up on last week's sermon...

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