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We exist to...

Delight in God & Make Disciples for his Glory...

Core Commitments

God Delighting

As redeemed creatures of the God who overflows with goodness and love, our chief end is to enjoy and delight in God.  And it's our delight in His goodness and grace that gives energy and joy to our whole Christian life!

Gospel Centered

 The Gospel is the central MESSAGE of the church and so gives life and form and direction to God’s people. Hearing and responding to the gospel in faith is how we receive new life in Christ (Rom. 1:16), it’s how we grow in Christ (Col. 2:6),  and it’s also the guiding truth for our lives (Phil. 1:27).

Spirit Empowered

The Holy Spirit is the POWER of the church - and it is only through the ministry of the Holy Spirit that we are able to grow in Christ and accomplish the mission he has given to us. So, we recognize, rejoice and rely on the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives!

Discipleship Focused

The MISSION of the church is to “...go therefore and make disciples…” (Matt. 28:19). And this means that EVERY BELIEVER and EVERY CHURCH is to be engaged in this great mission!

Word Rooted

God’s Word is the FOUNDATION of the church and is how we come to know, love, and live for Christ. It is our final authority and our great treasure, as it reveals God and his salvation to us. So, we want to be a people who are firmly rooted in the Word, and who seek to build all our lives on God’s Word (Matt. 7:24-27)

Unique Characteristics

Maturity over Masses

While we desire to reach the masses for Christ we intentionally prioritize depth over breadth, which means our gatherings are designed to equip the saints, not entertain the masses.

Every Saint a servant

Pastors exist to "equip the saints" (Eph. 4:12) the saints for ministry, deacons exist to "facilitate" ministry (Acts 6:1-8), but the primary "ministers" of any church are it's members (ie. saints)!

Prayer is our priority

We do not claim to be sufficient in ourselves to accomplish anything that the Lord has called us to do as a church or as individual Christians. So, prayer to us is not a duty or an optional activity, but absolutely essential and something we desire to see all our people prioritize!

Head and Heart

The mind must be filled with robust truths from God's Word in order for the heart to fully grasp the greatness of God. So we want to see minds instructed not with simple platitudes and practical instructions for a fulfilled life, but deep truths that stir our hearts with great affections for God.

Meaningful Membership

While you don't find the term "member" in the Bible, you do see lots of commands for how Christians are called to live out the Christian life in the context of commitment to one another and specific leaders. So membership is simply a way to acknowledge that commitment publicly. 


Lakeside Baptist Church holds to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as our statement of faith. For more information on the Baptist Faith and Message, click here

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