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Grow Classes

What are "Grow Classes"?

Grow Classes are Lakeside's take on Sunday School. We offer classes for both kids and adults on Sunday mornings before service at 9:15 am. Typically we have 2-3 adult classes and one adult ladies' class that cover everything from books of the bible, practical theology, church history, and theological development. 

We hope for these classes to be an aid to the discipleship of the members of Lakeside Baptist Church. We see these classes as the main arm of theological instruction and development of our church so that we can know and worship God all the more!

For more info email Matt McCartney at

Hermeneutics 101:

Hermeneutics simple means "the study of interpretation". The bible is a wonderfully complex gift from God to his people that teaches us who he is and his revealed will. However, it also comes with its unique ways of interpreting its meaning. With different genres, hard and confusing passages, and many different authors, this class seeks to teach the same principles of understanding and interpreting the bible they teach pastors in seminary!

Old Hebrew Prayer Book

Deuteronomy: Part II

This class is picking up where they left off last quarter continuing to walk through the book of Deuteronomy. This Old Testament book serves as a great summary of the events in the first few books of the bible and discusses the Law in great detail. If you'd like to grow in your understanding of the Old Testament and how it points us to Christ this is the class for you!

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The Book of James
(Ladies only)

This quarter our ladies only study will be walking through the book of James. James is an incredibly practical and powerful book of the bible. It teaches us how to live and much about our own hearts and desires. 


Spiritual Disciplines(Youth)

Spiritual Disciplines are practices found in Scripture that promote growth among believers. They are habits of devotion such as studying the Bible, prayer, journaling, and more! The purpose of this class is to explore ways to incorporate them into your daily life and strengthen your faith!

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